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17 Plumstead Road, Woolwhich SE18 7BZ
17 Plumstead Road, Woolwhich SE18 7BZ


For us to give you an accurate quote, please provide the following details when contacting us.

  1. TOTAL GROSS weight
  2. TOTAL no. of PCS
  3. Dimensions with unit of measyrement i.e MM, CM, or IN
  4. Is this to be transported by ROAD/SEA/AIR
  5. Collection address
  6. Delivery address
  7. The commodity of the goods (Note – we may need additional informatioin i.e if pipes are the commodity, you need to advice how these are packed, non created/ non stackable will affect the cost.
  8. Are these goods under any special instructions. Example – T1, VGS, IPR or SAD. If a contact information is given, we will be able to check with the supplier beforehand.